Jennifer Keddy, Former Division I (Cal Poly) and Current Professional Volleyball Athlete

"When I first started playing in college, I was completely new to the whole weightlifting thing. I  got stronger but it didn't completely transfer over to volleyball. When Dr. Holder arrived, I was introduced to new exercises, new movements and the kettlebell! After only a few months, I saw a huge difference in my game. I was stronger, faster and could jump higher. Fast forward to present, I'm playing professionally in Europe and continue to use the foundations of his training. I would recommend his program to anyone who wants to improve their overall game and overall fitness."


Nick Dzubnar, San Diego / LA Chargers

"I am a former Cal Poly San Luis Obispo linebacker and current NFL linebacker for the SD/LA Chargers. I trained with Coach Holder for my last two seasons at Cal Poly and subsequently for my pro-day training because of what Coach was able to do for me during my time at Cal Poly. He turned me into a flexible, explosive, fast tackling machine. Everything he had me do had a purpose. My flexibility, change of direction, explosiveness, jumps, speed, and endurance all improved and got me into the NFL. I loved training with Coach Holder and still use everything he taught me."

Hannah Schleis, Former Division I Volleyball Athlete (Cal Poly)

"I wish I had a program like this to follow when I was playing club. I entered my freshman year of college with no real strength training experience let alone training with proper technique. I was fortunate to have Dr. Holder as a coach and mentor. He is an expert in his field. He took me from a mid-level volleyball player unsure of my athletic abilities to a confident, detailed athlete. If you want to increase your chances of being recruited and build a foundation of strength for your college career this is how you do it."


Chris Gocong, 7-Year NFL Veteran, 2005 I-AA Football Defensive MVP
2004, 2005 Football All-American

“Dr. Holder produces balanced, elite athletes in all sports. His mastery of physiology as well as a diversity of training disciplines gives his athletes an edge over the competition limited only by their willingness to work. I had a reputation as an incredibly explosive player and directly attribute my success in football, at both the collegiate and professional level, to the hard work put in with Dr. Holder.”

Dan John, Legendary Strength and Conditioning Coach, All-American Discus Thrower and Best Selling Author

"Chris Holder lives in the world of the gym and the field and does great work with the techniques, skills and programs. But, there is so much more. Chris elevates his athletes and assistants; he is a true Mentor (the teacher of Telemachus) and we remember him later not for his workouts, but for his kindness and insights. He reflects the best of the term "coach," literally, the one who carries us along. I have worked along side him walking with the future leaders of our industry and he remains always on task, on point and on target. I would trust my children (and, now, my grandchildren) to his work and wisdom. I cannot think of a finer man in our industry."

Jarron Gilbert, NFL Veteran - Chicago Bears, New York Jets and Buffalo Bills

"Coach Holder's training methods brought my athleticism to an elite level. His knowledge of enhancing athletic performance along with his coaching style drove me to new heights in my career. After training with Coach Holder I became more explosive, quicker, faster and stronger; more importantly these improvements were clearly evident in my game."

David Weck, Founder of BOSU Fitness, Inventor of the BOSU Ball

"Coach Holder’s expertise in Strength & Conditioning is truly exceptional and unique.  His depth of knowledge in disciplines such as martial arts and medicinal Qigong enable him to provide his athletes with exercises, insights and training protocols unlike anyone else in the industry.  He has a proven track record of making athletes more explosive to run faster, jump higher and avoid injuries.  His mastery of the fundamentals along with his ability to tailor sport specific training to athletes from all sports make him a one-of-a-kind coach."

Casey Bloomquist, Pitcher - Chicago Cubs, 2014 NCAA All American

"I still use Dr. Holder's workouts to sustain me through a 140-game season of professional baseball. I will never default to another trainer without asking the opinion of Coach Holder. He is a blessing and a great asset to any athlete's arsenal."

Katie Goldhahn, Former Division I Volleyball Athlete (Stanford University)

"As a former collegiate athlete and current club and college head coach, I know first hand the benefits of what a strength training program provides you on the court. VOLLEYSTRENGTH makes you a more explosive and dynamic athlete while decreasing the risk for injury. I fully promote this tool."

Alli O'Dell, Former Division I Volleyball Athlete (USC)

"Having a top-notch strength and conditioning program at USC definitely maximized my potential to play volleyball at the highest level in the country. I wish I could have had a program like VOLLEYSTRENGTH during my high school years to prepare me for my college career!"