Why kettlebells?

Dr. Holder will be producing ongoing video content for the VOLLEYSTRENGTH community addressing the many advantages of the kettlebell from a strength and conditioning standpoint. For now, please understand that the kettlebell is the perfect training tool for volleyball athletes and that our methodology is designed to create explosive, strong and flexible players. In fact, the kettlebell swing is the king of all kettlebell movements and will build jumping power like no other exercise can! Second, kettlebell workouts are incredibly accessible. With only a few kettlebells and very little space in the home, the garage, the yard or the gym, volleyballers can conduct next-level workouts that would, comparatively, demand an entire gym full of olympic weights and equipment to experience commensurate benefits.

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Am I going to need to buy a bunch of equipment to be able to start training?

Absolutely not. When our team of experts got together, the agreement was to create an incredible program that would fast track a young athlete to be explosive and strong without needing an entire weight room full of equipment. The first two tiers of the program are exclusively bodyweight. You are going to develop an amazing foundation of bodyweight strength that will set the stage for our more advanced level kettlebell sections.

Do I need to have weight training experience to use VOLLEYSTRENGTH?

Absolutely not. In fact, we built out half of the program to teach volleyballers how to get strong with bodyweight exercises. Our four stage platform takes a first timer and walks them through months and months of programming to allow them to safely build coordination and strength. 

Am I going to get huge muscles as a result of doing the VOLLEYSTRENGTH program?

Strong muscles? Yes. Hard muscles? No doubt about it. Huge muscles, no. What we need everyone to understand is that building big, bodybuilder-type muscles requires a very specific type of weight training, diet and supplementation. The VOLLEYSTRENGTH program was designed to build the healthy, strong and explosive muscles required by volleyballers. 

How long should a workout take?

When designing this program, our coaches wanted to make sure that our athletes could get through any workout in approximately 30 minutes. We wanted to format the most effective program we could with the intention that most athletes don’t have 90 minutes to dedicate towards their strength and conditioning. Yes, some of the more advanced kettlebell sections might take a bit longer than 30 minutes, but we have tested the program over and over and it should take just under 30 minutes, front to back.

Do I really need to do the VolleyFlow prior to each workout?

100% yes. No doubt about it. The VolleyFlow is critically important for you to perform before you train to make sure that your body is warm, you’ve mobilized your joints and we have your blood pumping. Again, we have tested this concept over and over, and many like it where Coach Holder works, and the payoff for the 6 minute investment is huge. Another reason to do the VolleyFlow: open hips translate to significant increases in vertical leap!