VOLLEYSTRENGTH is a web-based, volleyball-specific strength and conditioning program created collaboratively by Division I coaches to help players at all levels achieve dramatic increases in the following key areas: vertical leap, rotational strength (hitting power), flexibility and explosiveness. VOLLEYSTRENGTH is designed to help good players become great and great players become elite. Young players will also benefit significantly from our program, developing baseline strength, balance and flexibility.


  • Dramatically increase vertical leap, strength, explosiveness and flexibility.
  • Includes easy-to-follow daily programs complete with video demonstrations and expanded explanations.
  • Developed by Division I volleyball and strength and conditioning coaches.
  • Endorsed by Division I and professional volleyball players, NFL players, strength experts and more.
  • Removes the guesswork, confusion and experimentation from your workout. Sequencing and technique are everything: poor programming means poor results!
  • Train harder and smarter in under one hour!
  • Provides nearly 150 bodyweight, plyometric and kettlebell exercises designed to create college-ready athletes.
  • Programming for elite and young players alike.
  • Use at home or in the gym on any device.
  • A commitment to strength work develops more confident athletes!
  • Stay on top of the latest trends and innovations in volleyball-specific strength training with ever-evolving content.
  • Makes elite-level training affordable and accessible!


  • Four blocks of volleyball-specific strength and conditioning workouts offer years of programming!
  • Bodyweight-only strength training that can be performed anywhere, with zero equipment.
  • Kettlebell and plyometric-based strength training that can accommodate newbies all the way up to the professional athlete.
  • Bonus workouts for conditioning and additional jump training.
  • Nearly 150 technique videos showcasing the entire library of VOLLEYSTRENGTH exercises.
  • Two 12-day LIFTOFF programs designed to ease newcomers into strength training.
  • Ongoing: your opportunity to see how some of the more complicated exercises are deconstructed into small digestible chunks.

Jennifer Keddy, Former Division I and Current Professional Volleyball Athlete

"When I first started playing in college, I was completely new to the whole weightlifting thing. I  got stronger but it didn't completely transfer over to volleyball. When Dr. Holder arrived, I was introduced to new exercises, new movements and the kettlebell! After only a few months, I saw a huge difference in my game. I was stronger, faster and could jump higher. Fast forward to present, I'm playing professionally in Europe and continue to use the foundations of his training. I would recommend his program to anyone who wants to improve their overall game and overall fitness."