The Clock is Ticking

As a Division I Associate Head Coach, the Director of the largest volleyball club on California’s Central Coast and a VOLLEYSTRENGTH co-founder, I have a truly unique perspective on today’s young volleyball athletes. I see players at all levels virtually everyday and they are very different from those that I competed with and against as both a club player and a Division I libero at Santa Clara over a decade ago.

In short, the majority (not all) of the kids that I work with on a daily basis do not work hard. Some are unaware of what hard work is; and others are unwilling to accept that being great, or even good, at volleyball demands an incredible commitment outside of the practice environment. Either way, most kids simply aren’t putting in the requisite work from either a volleyball or strength and conditioning standpoint. So who’s to blame? The athletes themselves? The adults around them? My stance on this is quite simple: both.

It is our job as coaches and parents to provide our young athletes with all of the tools necessary to succeed on and off of the court. If the players don’t buy in, however, the structure that we create is for not. Players need to be held to account. They need to rise to the challenge and invest in themselves…day after day…week after week… month after month… year after year. Their success depends on it.

VOLLEYSTRENGTH has helped me make some changes with my club. We have kids as young as 10 years-old strength training at our practices. They're building a base of strength and flexibility that will have a profound impact on them moving forward both physically and psychologically.

We also have three older players (2 16s and an 18) who proactively committed to VOLLEYSTRENGTH beyond what we’re doing at practice, training 4 days per week. All three have become profoundly stronger and more explosive. Two of these kids are committed to play at the Division I level and the other went from the last player on my bench last season to starter this season. The results speak for themselves.

I believe in the VOLLEYSTRENGTH methodology. Dr. Holder’s reputation speaks for itself. I wouldn't have my athletes work with anyone else. Having said that, there are other trainers out there and other programs. We’re not the only solution; but if you're a player who wants to play in college you better commit to one of them…quickly. The clock is ticking.

- Coach Caroline Walters